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This trip is going link up some of the most remote breaks in Scotland with nights around the fire in Scotland’s most northern bothies. 

Bothies are basic shelters in the wilderness of Scotland where modern civilisation is yet to reach. They are always open, free to use and take you right back to the basics - getting out of the harsh Scottish weather and relaxing with a whisky and good friends.

The bothies are maintained by an amazing group of volunteers and protected by a code that ensures visitors treat the facilities with the respect they deserve. In a time where many public goods suffer from inconsiderate misuse, we’ll explore the significance of a modern stewardship in this land that time left behind...

big waves

This principle will extend to the beaches and reefs where, even in this sparsely populated corner of the UK, our impact on the ocean is ever apparent. We will pay homage to this beautiful yet rugged coastline from Sandwood Bay right up to the Isles of Orkney. We aim to have a positive impact, removing plastics and rubbish, from beaches and breaks that we surf. Leaving them even more beautiful than we found them.  

Like the rest of the UK the surf is most consistent in  the Scottish winter. Above 58 degrees North the days are short and the weather is harsh. As British surfers we are happy to surf those blown out onshore days that come too often. However, we are always on the hunt to reach the spots where everything is going to align. On its day this coast can produce waves that match many of the best in the world. The difficult conditions and parameters make surfing this coast even more rewarding.

the trip

58 degrees North Map.jpg

remote bothies



The British Adventure Collective was created to demonstrate and  the best of British Adventure, at home and abroad. We are a collaboration of straight talking athletes looking to inspire others to sharing our passion for all things outdoor. This project combines our love for cold water surfing and the Scottish wilderness.

We are producing a short film of our adventure as well as producing a collection of high quality images.


We strive to exhibit the very best of adventure sport and inspire others to take advantage our natural habitat, at home and abroad. Over the past number of years, we have enjoyed a huge breadth of challenges. Some of our most notable achievements are listed below.


• Classic Haute Route ski mountaineering tour

• GR20 (totally unsupported)

• Annapurna Circuit

• World Series Adventure Race ITERA (660km in < 6 days)

• 7x Ironman Triathlons

• Great Glen kayak tour (under 48 hours)

• Official Guinness World Record holders – Most countries cycled through in 7 days; 1800km & 14 countries

• National Three Peaks challenge in under 24 hours

• 23x Marathons

• Breca SwimRun, Jersey (2nd female team)

• London 2 Italy on fixed wheel bike (1200km, < 7 days)

• British C2C cycle Challenge (< 11 hrs)

• Welsh Diagonal cycle Challenge (355km, < 24 hrs)

• Fred Whitton Round cycle sportive (4000m+ ascent)



Notable Summits


• Aneto, Spain

• Mulhaccen, Spain

• Mount Teide, Spain

• Mont Blanc (< 24 hours)

• Mont Maudit

• Mont Blanc du Tacul

• Rucu Pichincha, Ecuador

• Toubkal, Morrocco


Notable Summits (over 5000m)


• Pico de Orizaba, Mexico

• Kilimanjaro, Tanzania

• Mount Kenya, Kenya

• Ilniza Norte, Ecuador

• Cayambe, Ecuador

• Mount Elburus (attempt), Russia

• Chimorazo, Ecuador



producer & Photography

Aaron grew up in the Lake District and has been on the search for bigger mountains and challenges since.  He has documented and lead numerous successful expeditions ranging from big mountain climbing to setting a European road bike world record. 


Aaron created the British Adventure Collective to to inspire people to get out there. The opportunity to document some of Scotlands beautiful landscapes, bothys and cold waves is something he has always wanted to tick off the list. With years of experience as a freelance photographer and documenting some amazing adventures Aaron ready to direct some awesome trips this winter.

sam howard

Trip Planning & Photography

Adventure has been a lifelong passion for Sam, but it was whilst at university in Aberdeen that he really cut his teeth in the wild. Taking advantage of the proximity of the Scottish Highlands, Gerald developed a strong winter skill set and spent much of his time at the local crags and walls, transferring his rope-work capabilities from his earlier sailing days climbing. A ardent lover of the mountains, Gerald makes it his personal mission to spend as much time skiing as possible. Gerald’s extensive winter climbing experience has given him a high level of technical ability, which he uses to help keep the team safe in dangerous terrain.


Max Ferguson-Hook

surfer & colour grader

Max has grown up hunting waves on the cold east coast of Scotland. Surfing has been a huge part of his life and a sport he has excelled at. He represented Scotland on the Scottish Surf and Body board team and also shared his love for the sport through teaching others how to slide in the cold waters of Scotland. He has an extensive knowledge of the Scottish coastline, the beautiful uncrowded waves and when they work best. 


Not only skilled in the way he surfs, Max is tallented behind the screen. We are excited to see the beautiful colours he draws from the North Sea In the edits this year. Working for Time Based Arts in London Max is also our colour grading Guru.

ellen caldwell

surfer & pr

Scottie is a true adventure athlete and suffer specialist. Multiple Iron ‘woman’ and Team GB triathlete, she is always striving to find new limits and applications for her fitness. This has pushed her to enter a number of endurance races and also pursue significant solo ultra-distance runs of her own making. Emily brings much more than a formidable endurance CV to the team. Her unique ability to encourage and inspire has helped see each member of the team through moments of doubt and anguish. Emily uses her knowledge of endurance sport to advise on our individual training requirements, and is always on hand with a kind word or Mars bar at exactly the right moment.


Rebecca Baird

environmental leader

Rebecca is a keen Yogi, adventurer and now surfer. Currently studying medicine she leads a very full and exciting life whilst leaving the smallest environmental footprint out of the group.  


Rebecca was very keen to be involved this winter to help us lead the most environmentally friendly trips we could. Rebecca will be leading the beach cleans and will liaise with interested supporting parties. She will also be filling our bellies with the tastiest vegetarian meal plans to keep us out in the cold longer. 


I'm sure we will catch Becca out on the longboard or swimming in the sea and If we are lucky we might get a bothy yoga class or two!

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