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Created to deliver the best of British Adventure.


The Collective is a collaboration of UK athletes looking to explore, share and inspire others to get out there. As well as documenting our own expeditions, we want to help others experience the outdoors.


Showcasing leading British Exploration

It is our opinion that true adventure comes entirely in the unknown. At its core, the Collective shares a burning desire to explore new horizons, only mirrored by the rich heritage of historical British exploration. Here, we will share our heroes, motivations and news from the best of Brits Abroad.

Supporting cutting edge local brands


Our Buy British campaign hopes to showcase UK brands leading in their respective fields. From down jackets to mountain bikes, these companies continue to enable adventure athletes to move faster and further than ever before.​

Keeping you informed on your local options in a busy market place, we think you'll be surprised by how many possibilities there are. 

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Fundraising for Outdoor safety charities 


We are always keen to support those organisations that protect adventurers when they need it most. We have previously used our expeditions as opportunities to fundraise for Air Ambulances UK, Scottish Mountain Rescue and the Mountain Bothy Association.

The sports we love are, at times, inherently risky and we hope to try and increase
awareness of the risks involved, and try to help educate others to help mitigate these risks. However, no matter how well prepared you are, accidents do still happen and we are so grateful for the institutions that provide a crucial safety net when we step into the elements.

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